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ISS Transit of the Sun

After shooting the solar eclipse last week, and seeing a photo by @jkowsky of Nasa with the International Space Station transiting across the sun, I wondered if I might have caught any in my photos. After a bit of research I realized that since the #ISS is travelling at 5 miles per sec. the entire transit lasts only 0.68 seconds and is only visible in a narrow path about 6km wide. So no chance i had captured it during the #solareclipse last week.⠀

I did however find a website called transitfinder.com that predicts when such transits occur, and realized one was happening On Monday, August 28th at exactly 1:15:37 pm and crossed within 10 km of home. At this point I knew I had to attempt to capture it. So armed with all the same gear and filters I shot last weeks solar eclipse with, I was all set. On Monday morning, I rechecked the website, and found that the positioning had changed slightly, due to atmospheric drag. The new location passed right over my house. So I was able to shoot this from my front lawn!⠀

After setting my cameras clock accuracy down to the sec, I fired off about 40 shots at 11fps and was able to capture the transit in 9 frames. then digitally merged them together. ⠀

What do you think? and yes my wife thinks i am a geek!

Photographed with Nikon D4, 200-400mm f4 lens with 1.4x teleconverter – Exposure was 1/1600 sec at iso1000 f/10.

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